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As a network of peer organizations, GGBN is governed by an Interim Executive Committee comprised of volunteers who are selected by and represent GGBN members. The Interim Executive Committee oversees the pursuit of goals, priorities and activities proposed by GGBN members. The Interim Executive Committee will focus this effort by identifying key agendas, directing work, sharing information, raising funds, and monitoring outcomes. The Interim Executive Committee reviews prospective members using GGBN membership and member responsibilities. More information can be found in theGGBN working Terms of Reference

List of current members on the Interim Executive Committee

Ole Seberg Chair Katharine Barker Program Manager Gabriele Droege Technical Manager David Cantrill Member Jonathan Coddington Member Oris Sanjur Member David Schindel Member Yong Zhang Member Xin Zhou Member


GGBN's Secretariat, hosted and supported by the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, conducts day-to-day operations and provides administrative support and communication services to the Interim Executive Committee and Task Forces. Contact the Secretariat.

Technical Management Office



Goals will be achieved through the work of Task Forces made up of volunteers who are selected by and represent GGBN members.

Data Standards and Data Access for Genomic Samples

The Data Standards and Data Access Task Force is responsible for: 1) developing a standard for sharing DNA and tissue information; and 2) developing a global platform for aggregating relevant data sources of genomic samples, vouchers, molecular analysis, publications and images.

Policies and Practices Related to Management and Stewardship of Genomic Samples

The Policies and Practices Task Force is responsible for: 1) defining best practices and assisting members towards achievement; and 2) developing a values statement in support of member organizations' work on access and benefits sharing (ABS).

Communications and Outreach

The Communications and Outreach Task Force is responsible for developing and implementing tools and strategies that efficiently communicate GGBN’s goals, strategies, and upcoming events.