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Welcome to the DNA Bank Network Wiki!

These wiki sites lead you through installing and using the open source software "DNA Module". Furthermore you will find information about the project and how to join the DNA Bank Network.

The DNA Module

  • Manage your DNA collection and customer requests with an open source software
  • Set references to voucher specimens by using GBIF infrastructure
  • Get original specimen data from GBIF providers instead of copies
  • Set links to NCBI, EMBL, DDBJ, or BOLD
  • Set references to publications
  • Use the Specimen Tool for specimen data that are not available via GBIF
  • Share your DNA data with others
  • Find out more about the DNA Module and the Specimen Tool
The DNA Module can interact with every GBIF compliant database

The Network

  • Administer your data locally
  • Share your data with the world
  • Join the DNA Bank Network with your DNA Bank
  • Join GBIF with your specimen and observation records
  • Let other scientists find and order your DNA samples via a central platform
  • Help us to bridge the gap between natural history collections and sequence portals
  • Find out more about how to Join the Network
The data architecture of the DNA Bank Network holds the potential to become an international platform of biological DNA banks to bridge the gap between natural history collections and molecular sequence databases.


  • Use this powerful team for exchange and transfer of DNA and sequence data
  • Use the main schema ABCD for providing specimen and observations records to GBIF
  • Use BioCASE for your own network purposes
  • More than 30 Mio. records are presently provided to GBIF with BioCASE and ABCD
  • Find out more about the pros of ABCDDNA and BioCASE
ABCDDNA and BioCASE - a powerful team for biodiversity data exchange