DNA and Tissue Deposition

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Arguments for DNA banking

To provide a ready source of DNA

It is much efficient to withdraw stored DNA than it is to collect new specimens and extract DNA. That is particularly true if the biological material has been collected under hazardous conditions or in areas difficult to access.

To provide material for future DNA studies

By banking DNA of your specimens now, you make the source material available for verification and future research. It is very important to act now since the biodiversity loss has accelerated by as much as 1000 times the rates typical the Earth's history and between 10 % and 50% of the species of the main taxonomic groups threatened with extinction.

To provide taxonomically verified material for DNA studies

Donations of specimens, tissue material and DNA samples determined by taxonomic experts are highly appreciated by the partners of the DNA Bank Network. Additionally to our own collections we are so able to provide valuable genetic ressources even to non-taxonomic researchers.

Store your DNA under optimal storage conditions

The network promotes deposition of well documented reference DNA samples after project completion or data publication from scientists of other universities and institutions.

We ensure long-term DNA storage at -80°C and provide full documentation of each sample accessible online. Donations of individual samples as well as multiple samples per population and location are welcome. For DNA extractions the samples should contain a minimum of 500 ng of DNA.

The deposition of DNA samples supports good scientific practice, allowing a general verifiability of already obtained and published results and the sample use in future studies.

Now is the time to deposit molecular types!

In this context, we offer the possibility to non-molecular taxonomic experts to process tissues and vouchers from unique specimens for DNA extraction. Their material will very likely be used and cited more frequently than specimens deposited in traditional collections.

Access policy

DNA and tissue depositions to be incorporated into the network are accepted free of charge. The donor of the DNA will be acknowledged in the database but transfers all property rights to the public partners of the DNA Bank Network. You are guaranteed free access without costs to the samples you deposit. It is possible to block the release or your deposited DNA to other scientists for a limited period of time.

Voucher and data documentation

For full documentation and verification it is necessary that vouchers of your donated DNA or tissue samples are deposited in a natural history collection. It must be certified that the organismal material was obtained in compliance with the rules of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). For implementation of your DNA and voucher data please contact us.

Further questions?

Please don't hesitate to contact us via email: contact[at]dnabank-network.org