GGBN Conference 2016/Overview

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Sessions and workshops are planned on Concerted collecting and sampling strategies to preserve the Tree of Life, Sampling the lost world in Natural History Collections, Nagoya Protocol: consequences and solutions, Knowledge exchange: natural history meets applied biobanking, Implementing GGBN standards and best practices. The Tradeshow will bring together a host of vendors whose products and technologies help us meet the unique demands of the 21st century collections care, access, and use. A variety of fieldtrips highlighting Berlin’s history and culture will be offered. Social events include an ice breaker and reception dinner.

Conference Map

Butterfly.png andel's Hotel Butterfly bgbm.png BGBM Butterfly mfn.png MfN

GGBN 2016 Map.PNG

Organizing Committee

  • Gabi Droege, BGBM, Co-Chair
  • Thomas von Rintelen, MfN, Co-Chair
  • Katie Barker, NMNH
  • Ole Seberg, NHM Denmark

Scientific Committee

  • Carol Butler, NMNH
  • Ana Casino, CETAF AISBL
  • Eileen Graham, SciColl
  • Kim Labuschagne, NZP
  • David Schindel, SciColl
  • Rui Zhang, China National GeneBank

More Conference Information