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Date to be decided

Due to Corona the conference is postponed to 2025. We will keep you informed about dates and deadlines.

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The Global Genome Biodiversity Network is proud to announce its 4th International Conference on Biodiversity Biobanking, which will be held in Shenzhen, China in March 2021.  The theme of the meeting is “ Widening GGBN’s Horizon – engaging new users and collections”. The meeting is intended to communicate ideas, new tools, expertise on biodiversity biobanking, and to encourage biodiversity collections to make databases of genomic collections public and broadly available for research while respecting the spirit of the Nagoya Protocol. We hope you will be able to join us.

Formed in October 2011, the Global Genome Biodiversity Network (GGBN) is an international network of 91 institutions that share an interest in long-term preservation of genomic samples representing the diversity of non-human life on Earth. GGBN provides a platform for biodiversity repositories from across the world to collaborate, ensuring quality standards for DNA and tissue collections, standards for genomic samples, improving best practices for the preservation and use of such collections, and harmonizing the exchange of material in accordance with national and international legislation and conventions. The preservation of the genomic diversity of the Tree of Life is a monumental and interdisciplinary task, grander than any one institution can manage alone. GGBN meets this challenge through a worldwide network of biodiversity repositories.

The 2021 meeting will consist of general session talks, breakout sessions for different working groups and projects, and networking events over five days and will be held at the China National GeneBank in Shenzhen. Registration includes access to all sessions (except those noted as by invitation only), lunch, two coffee/snack breaks each day, and evening reception on Tuesday.

Registration fees

Registration type Cost
Regular Fee Early Bird 350.00 (USD)
Reduced Fee Early Bird 290.00 (USD)
Regular Fee 399.00 (USD)
Reduced Fee 320.00 (USD)

Main Topics/Sessions

  • Regional Biobanks (Asia-Pacific)
  • Biodiversity Biobank Collections (from vertebrates to microbes)
  • Frontiers in Biobanking Collections: Sampling and Preservation
  • Biodiversity Biobank Data and Analytics
  • Culture Collections
  • Environmental Specimens
  • Crop Relatives and Medicinal Plant Diversity
  • Large Scale Genomic Initiatives and GGBN
  • Nagoya Protocol

Invited Speakers

  • Mark Blaxter, The Wellcome Sanger Institute and the Darwin Tree of Life Project
  • Geoff Burton, United Nations University, Institute of Advanced Study of Sustainability
  • Dalia Conde, Species 360 Conservation Alliance
  • Dong Ke, Korea Environmental Microorganisms Bank
  • Jan Koschorreck, Federal Environmental Agency and German Environmental Specimen Bank
  • Ipek Kurtboke, University of the Sunshine Coast and the World Federation of Culture Collections
  • Huan Liu, China National GeneBank and The 10,000 Plant Genomes Project
  • Juncai Ma, Chinese Academy of Sciences and the World Data Centre for Microorganisms
  • Oliver Ryder, San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research
  • Aaron Wilton, Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research

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