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24.-25. July 2012 - Workshop on Management of Molecular Collections

Together with other European Institutions and SYNTHESYS scientists of the DNA Bank Network are organising a workshop on Management of Molecular Collections.

Location: CSIC, Madrid (Spain)

Duration and date: Lunch-to-lunch meeting, 24-25 July 2012

Full title: Molecular collections management and linkage between biological specimen repositories and molecular sequence databases.

Trainers: Rob Huxley (NHM-London, UK), Jacqueline Mackenzie-Dodds (NHM-London, UK), Birgit Gemeinholzer (DNA Bank Network, University of Giessen, Germany), Gabriele Droege (DNA Bank Network, BGBM, Germany), Isabel Rey Fraile (MNCN-CSIC, ES).

Registration deadline: 21/05/2012

Further instructions and information can be found at:

Synthesys heading.png

15.-18. May 2012 - ISBER Annual Conference

A scientist of the DNA Bank Network will attend the ISBER conference this year. Session topics are expected to cover the following areas:

• The Evolving Global Research Environment: New Partnerships and Collaborations • Keeping Step with New Technologies • Innovative Technologies • Keeping Step with the Evolving Ethical-Legal Environment • Ensuring Sustainability in the Face of Global Crises

Date/Time/Room: Thursday, May 17, 2010, 4:30 pm-6.30 pm
Session Title: Biobanking Informatics: Making the Right Connections
Presentation Title: DNA Bank Network: Information Architecture for a Global Network of Biodiversity DNA and Tissue Banks
Presenter: Gabriele Droege

19.-21. April 2012 - Conference "The role of biobanks for research and protection of forest biodiversity" in Viterbo, Italy

A scientist of the DNA Bank Network will give an overview about our project and its global outreach. The Conference will highlight cutting-edge advances in all major disciplines of forest genetic resources.

Presentation Title: DNA Bank Network: Information Architecture for a Global Network of Biodiversity DNA and Tissue Banks
Presenter: Gabriele Droege

27.-29. February 2012 - Workshop on genomic data standards

GBIF is organizing a workshop, in collaboration with the Genomic Standards Consortium (GSC), on specieslevel biodiversity and genomic data standards with the aim of ensuring alignment and harmonization of efforts. The workshop will contribute to the ongoing work of the USA National Science Foundation-funded Research Coordination Network, which seeks to promote the integration of genomic standards with ecological and species level standards. The GSC is an international community that promotes mechanisms for standardizing descriptions of genomes and especially the contextual information (e.g. environmental variables) associated with genomic samples. One goal of the workshop is to align ABCDDNA, DarwinCore and MIxS, a delegate (G.Droege) of the DNA Bank Network will attend.

25 February 2012 - Software workshop at GfBS conference in Bonn, Germany

The Workshop will take place at the ZFMK in Bonn at 25 Februar 2012 during the GfBS conference. The Workshop will give an overview about the technical infrastructure of BioCASE, GBIF and the DNA Bank Network. Furthermore the workshop will propose best practice guidelines for referencing voucher specimens, DNA samples and GenBank accessions. The open source software DNA Module is an easy way of managing your DNA collection and referencing DNA samples with any GBIF compliant database worldwide. Attendees can try out the DNA Module and the web portal. In preparation of this workshop attendees are called upon to check if their own institutions are providing specimen data to GBIF already, and if data on DNA voucher specimens are being made available via GBIF. Please bring your own laptop if possible.

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