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Register and Login

You are interested to obtain DNA samples from one of the partners of the DNA Bank Network. To search for DNA and its related documentation data is possible without restriction via the Network's Web portal.

It is necessary to register, open an account and login at the DNA Bank Network's webpage to validly order DNA samples. The following personal data are required for your authentication: family name, first name, email address, institution/department, mailing address of the institution, address for delivery (if other than the billing address), and user name.

You will receive a confirmation email after you registered online. Your account will be activated after authentication achieved by approving your email and address identity data manually. You will then receive a preliminary password via email for login. We strongly encourage you to change you password once you have logged in the first time.

Your account at the DNA Bank Network will be deleted automatically if you didn't access it for longer than 24 month. You will be informed via email four weeks before it expires.

Order DNA samples

After selecting your DNA samples into the shopping cart, go to the menu item 'Show details'. There you will see an order overview due to the DNA bank where samples are deposited and listed by taxon names.

Please place your order after checking your address data again. You will then receive an order confirmation email.

Please note! The DNA Bank Network is a cooperation of independent DNA banks belonging to separated research institutions. Your order will be directed to the DNA bank in authority of samples requested.

A binding offer will be made by the relevant DNA bank(s) within the order confirmation email. Since different clearing procedures exist among the partner DNA banks prices per DNA sample and shipping fee to be paid might differ.

Furthermore, the price charged per sample might as well differ due to its taxon, age, rarity, or geographic origin. In average, costs of plant and animal DNA will be about 20 Euros per sample. For details of costs and DNA quantity please contact the responsible DNA bank.

Legal rights

Results obtained from the analysis of the material must not be used to engender commercial profit without prior written permission from the network partners. This, however, will not be granted unless equitable benefit sharing with the countries of origin, under the terms and in the spirit of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), is secured. DNA passed on to third parties must be dealt with to the same conditions.

By ordering DNA from one of the partners of the DNA Bank Network, the recipient accepts and pledges to respect the above conditions.

Signing of the Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)

The DNA bank staff of the DNA samples you are interested in will assist you to comply with all formalities. That holds particularly true for the signing of the material transfer agreement (MTA) which is essential to exchange the requested research material. The MTAs used by our partners are available at our Download section.

The MTA defines legal rights of the entity donating the material as well as those of the recipient with respect to the provided material and any derivatives. It ensures conformity with institutional policies and proper handling of intellectual property rights.

DNA sample shipping

You will get an email response if the signed MTA is duly received in the DNA bank in authority and your DNA samples will be shipped to the specified delivery address.

Schematic summary

Registration -> Manual authentication -> Account activation -> Login -> Order -> Order confirmation email (MTA form, prices, documentation) -> Signing MTA and submitting to the DNA bank in authority -> MTA confirmation email and shipment of DNA samples