GGBN Conference 2025/Organizing Team

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Sources of Support

Conference Organizers

  • Jonas Astrin, Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig/Germany
  • Katie Barker, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution/United States
  • Jason Chen, Beijing Genomics Institute-China National GeneBank/China
  • Manuela da Silva, Fundação Oswaldo Cruz/Brazil
  • Gabi Droege, Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Freie Universität Berlin/Germany
  • Thai Pham, Vietnam National Museum of Nature/Vietnam
  • Sarah Tassell, Landcare Research-Manaaki Whenua/New Zealand
  • Meiliang Zhou, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation/China

For questions please contact Katie Barker ( and Jason Chen (

China National GeneBank

CNGB is a non-profit, national government initiated, science and industrial infrastructure project, and a platform that provides services of basic life science research and biological industry development. With five years’ preparation, CNGB has achieved remarkable successes in the area of bio-specimen storage, gene sequencing, database construction, and industrial application of biotechnology, all at leading international levels, and started building of gene synthesis and gene editing platforms. CNGB will ride the global wave of life science discoveries in recent years and evolve into “Three repositories and Two Platforms”, i.e. Biorepository (Storage), Bio-information Databank (Understand), Living Biobank (Application), Digitalization Platform (Read) and Synthesis and Editing Platform (Write), to create a solid foundation that would bring resources to researchers and bridge all gaps surrounding big-resource, big-data, big-science and big-industry.

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