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The DNA Module requires a MySQL database and PHP 5 language files to be installed before the DNA Module can be run. MySQL may be installed on a server computer for shared database access across multiple workstations, or on a single workstation for access from that machine.

Download and Installation

DNA Module version 1.0 is available at

The new version 2.0 will be available in Spring 2012!

First steps

These steps are leading you through some basic configuration. After finishing configuration settings can also be changed by administrators.

PHP Check

At first we have to be sure that PHP is working well. The easiest way to find out is to run a tiny script and see what happens (Step 1).

Capability test

This script shows information about status of required PHP libraries and PHP version. If status of a library is "Not ok" please contact your admin before continuing configuration!

Create tables, Connection to DNA database

The DNA Module database and tables have to be created manually. For this administrator rights for your server are required!

The sql file with create and insert commands can be found at: your_dna_module_folder/sql/createtables.sql

All tables are utf8-encoded; COLLATE='utf8_unicode_ci'; ENGINE=InnoDB.

Your administrator should create a new user for the DNA Module database.

SMTP settings

The DNA Module sends emails, if a query causes an error in script or if a password has been generated for a new user. For this mailer function SMTP parameters (path and port) are required. Please contact your admin for assistance.
You have to define a sender email adress, usually the main local administrator of the DNA Module.
To test the SMTP settings please enter a valid email address.

You can change SMTP settings later via the Configuration Tool/General Settings. But you have to define it now to continue the first steps!

First user

During first steps only one user can be added. That user will have administration rights. Please enter his or her email address. The randomised password will be generated automatically and can be changed after first login. Via Configuration Tool/User Management new users can be added later.

Logo Path

You can enter the url of your institutional logo or load the image in your local DNA Module folder. For this please ask your administrator for help.
The path can be changed later via Configuration Tool/General Settings and is saved as an xml file (your_dna_module_folder/config/config.xml). Please do not modify that xml file manually!